DK Chagall’s Saburo


DK Chagall’s Saburo
Färg: Choklad
Färganlag: okänt
GM2: N/N – Normal
HK: Status okänd
BHD:Status okänd
Övrigt: Little(big) Saburo in daily called Leo, is living his happy cat life indoor in Copenhagen. Leo is a typical Burmese male – in which meaning Leo literally wants to spend his whole day with you, your family, kids and friends. Leo is in his happiest and totally in zen after a big tasty meal and afterwards having the opportunity to sleep in your arms or neck for hours. Which arm or neck it belongs to doesn’t really matter.
Leo is a very vocal cat. He’ll wake up with you and talk with you all morning, afternoon, evening and night along. Please don’t try to ignore him. Otherwise Leo will just get more insistent until he gets your attention and you talking back to him even you though you don’t talk cat language. Leo will love you for trying to understand him.
Leo is a cat who is used to kids(kids gets extra attention and Leo is very patient which kids and what kids exposes him into), guests(new people is Leo’s favorite). Bot most of all, Leo just want to be with you and humans always and you wanting to be with him always. 

Louisa Kristensen